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Please remember to substitute this template by using {{subst:uw-delete1}} instead of {{uw-delete1}}.

This template is used to give a level 1 warning to users about deleting content from pages on Wiktionary.


| 1 = The page that the user deleted content from
| 2 = Any additional comments to add
| icon = The icon to use
| subst = Whether or not to substitute the template parameters, accepts "subst:" or blank

This template should be substituted on the respective user talk page, while adding a signature just after that. For example:

{{subst:uw-delete1}} --~~~~


This is the TemplateData documentation for the template used by the new VisualEditor.


Template for giving a level 1 warning to users about deleting content from pages.

Template parameters

Page title1

The page that the user deleted content from.

Page nameoptional
Additional information2

Any additional text to add.


The icon to use, should be a name of a file.

Page nameoptional

Whether to substitute the parameters in the template, takes values of "subst:" or none.