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This template is used on help and some project pages and helps in formatting the page for easy navigation among help pages and tying the pages nicely with the help center available at Help:Contents.

Note: There are also some other templates that assists in formatting this template.


On a help page or a specific project page:

{{help page
| title = The title of the page
| type = The type of help the page provides
| text = The text to display

There should not be any content that exists outside this template for a page that is using it, as it would cause formatting issues.

Note: Pipes ("|") should not be used in the {{{text}}} parameter as it would cause problems when using the template. Use {{!}} instead.

Other templates[change]

There are also other templates that assist in formatting this template and are all located as subpages of this template. An auto-generated list is available:


This is the TemplateData documentation for the template used by the new VisualEditor.

Help page

Template for designing and formatting help pages for easy navigation.

Template parameters

Title of the pagetitle

The title of the page to put in the header.

Body texttext

The main text of the web page.

Type of helptype

The type of help guide the page is.