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This template is used for words that have other spellings. Words that have different spellings but mean the same thing should have Wiktionary pages that are nearly identical. To do this, there are templates that contain information that is placed on both pages. This is one such template.

How to use this template[change]

You should use the same formatting here as on any other Wiktionary entry. The only difference is that when you use the word that is being defined, you will type {{PAGENAME}} instead. The word should still be bolded like usual by typing (''') on either side of the word, like this: '''{{PAGENAME}}'''.

If you are using a different tense of the word in an example (for example, using the sentence "Rose '''colored''' the drawing with a pencil."), you will add the word's ending after {{PAGENAME}}. The example sentence given above would then look like this: "Rose '''{{PAGENAME}}ed''' the drawing with a pencil."

Usage notes[change]

  • Make sure to use includeonly tags. Place <includeonly> directly before the first word and </includeonly> directly after the last word on the template page.


This is the TemplateData documentation for the template used by the new VisualEditor.


Template for use by words that have multiple spellings for them.

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